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Joy Miniature Donkey Stud

Promoting & Preserving American Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys

...bringing JOY to their owners and the community.

Established in 1999, JOY Miniature Donkey Stud now boasts a herd of over 50 miniature donkeys. Our stud has produced Supreme Show Champions and winners in Foal, Yearling, Jenny, Brood Jenny and Jack classes; and our aim is to produce miniature donkeys with outstanding conformation, unique colour patterns, and great personalities.


There are three breeds of donkey in Australia today that can be classified as miniature - the American Miniature Mediterranean Donkey (AMMD), the Australian Miniature Donkey and the English/Irish Donkey.

American Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys were first imported into Australia and New Zealand in the 1990’s from the US. These unique little animals were originally descended from donkeys imported in the 1920’s from Sicily, Sardinia and North Africa. Their maximum height at the wither is 36”, but most in Australia today are smaller than this. JOY Miniature Donkey Stud is delighted to have had the opportunity to import 17 donkeys from the USA/Canada as well as 3 from New Zealand, to introduce new bloodlines and colour patterns into Australia.

English/Irish donkeys were most recently imported in the 1970’s and many of us have wonderful childhood memories of these placid, friendly donkeys on the beaches of England. For registration purposes their maximum height is 10hh (40"), however some are under 38” and a few are under 36”.  English/Irish donkeys were imported into the USA at the same time as the American Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys, and it would seem likely that there has been some inter-breeding between the Mediterranean and the English/Irish donkeys in the USA, in addition to the possible inclusion of native American ‘Burro’s’. Perhaps for this reason, we have found that some of the English/Irish donkeys produce magnificent and very small off-spring when crossed with the American Miniature Mediterranean breed.

Australian Miniatures are a breed classification with the Donkey All Breed Society of Australia and include two categories for donkeys of any and all bloodlines: 36" and under and 36-38". 

JOY Miniature Donkey Stud is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the American Miniature Mediterranean Donkey breed, and to establishing our own unique new breed of Spotted NLP Donkeys in Australia.

All Donkeys at JOY Miniature Donkey Stud are American Miniature Mediterranean, English/Irish, Australian miniatures or the result of cross-breeding.

How to look after them?

Donkeys are hardy animals but do need a minimum of 2 acres to graze, shelter from wind, rain and sun, good quality hay, a mineral lick, fresh water and company, (another donkey is ideal). They also need their feet trimmed and to be de-wormed about every 2 months, and they should have their teeth checked by an Equine Dentist every year.

Price range?

Registered 100% American Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys (AMMD) range in price from $2,200 for a gelding, up to $16,000 for a mature imported jenny in foal with unique bloodlines. Prices depend upon the bloodlines, conformation, colour and training of the individual donkey. Some exceptional breeding animals have been sold in Australia for as much as $20,000.


Buyer Beware

 If you wish to buy an American Miniature Mediterranean Donkey ask to see the pedigree and check to see that there are at least 3 generations of donkeys with heights recorded at 36” or under. Unfortunately, in the past some breeders have sold donkeys registered with overseas societies as ‘Miniature Mediterranean’ which have no known American Miniature Mediterranean bloodlines – luckily this is easy to spot as there will generally be few, if any, ancestors listed on the pedigree of the animal which is not of Mediterranean descent.


All great photos on this site taken by Michael Cristiano.