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We are delighted to have had the opportunity to purchase the miniature donkey herds from Taranganba Stud and Donkey Magic. We owe a great deal to the foresight and breeding skill of Keith and Barbara Hoole at Taranganba Stud who have spent many decades leading the way and investing in establishing the different breeds of donkeys we have in Australia today. We are honoured to have so many Taranganba donkeys in our herd at JOY Miniature Donkey Stud.

We are also extremely grateful for Glynda Bluhm's dedication to breeding top-class miniature donkeys - many of which are descended from the Taranganba, Ass-pirin Acres, and Country Music bloodlines.

Our investment in purchasing these herds reflects our ongoing commitment to diversifying the bloodlines we use in our breeding program to help us plan each mating to produce the best conformed miniature donkeys possible.

We have also been working with breeders in the USA to identify more of the type and colour of American Miniature Mediterranean Donkey we are so keen to breed here in Australia. As a result, we are delighted to announce that we have purchased more jennies from USA These include Sophie's Splendor, Fisher's Painted Elaine and Little Friends Tahiti.

You can visit these lovely new Jennys on our Stud Book Jenny page.

My plan is to breed broken coloured jennies with brown NLP (Chateau's Country Cassanova) and black NLP (JOY's FlashBlack) and to breed solid coloured jennies to Conrad's In Black 'n White - assuming conformation is complimentary.

We are delighted to announce that HR Flashdance and her two jack foals, Dogwood Hills Shadow Dancer, and JOY's FlashBlack have at last been released from quarantine surveillance. They arrived in Australia in September 09!  I now have Flashdance and FlashBlack running with JOY's Star of Hope and her gorgeous jack foal Stargazer, so the two boys can play together. I plan to breed Flashdance and Hope to Conrad's In Black n White once the weather gets a bit warmer.
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