Commercial Bank Of Dubai, CBD Main Branch, Ittihad Street Deira, phone +971 600 575556 (2023)



Commercial Bank Of Dubai



03 August 2023 14:12

Dont ever open an Account with CBD. Worst bank i have ever seen. I went to my Home county for my fathers funeral and i couldnt maintain my account for last four months but they charged -200AED every month because i didnt transaction. I had to pay more than 800AED to close the account



26 June 2023 20:31

We cant even contact with the bank when urgent at the end only providing apologies.for what?



19 June 2023 0:35

When open digital current account, maintenance charge charge for minimum balance criteria.



31 May 2023 12:49

Poor service, I ve deposited 50 dhiram to my account on 1st April, through SCDM8172 Machine. Amount has been accepted by machine but did not dispatch the deposit receipt due to technical glitch. Till today the amount is not credited on my accoumt. However, I tried contact the given CC number but no fruitful. And second time I filed complaint through CBD mobile application, not useful at all. Third time, I wrote an email to customer care, my mail is not yet acknowledge by customer service. Till today, I follow up in email, but no response.



10 May 2023 5:57

ماحد يرد من 3 ايام ولا احد يرد اعطوني معلومات خطاء
وماحد يرد علي الايميل ولا لي التلفون
للاسف الشديد



19 April 2023 11:29

Absolutely awful. They don’t even know how to direct customers to correct benefits for their own products. We needed to make use of a travel insurance benefit on our credit card. We made three phone calls to the call-center, to the branch and to a relationship manager. All directed us to phone numbers and email addresses that didn’t work. It took me 3 to 4 days of my own investigation to finally get connected to the right contact and figure out how to file a claim. Utterly useless! A bank not knowing something this simple, and misdirecting customers with wrong information is extremely poor business management and terrible customer service. I have worked with multiple major banks, and they have always given very simple answers to the correct sources for problem-solving. CBD just sent me on a wild goose chase that wasted so much of my time during an already stressful time. Avoid at all costs and give your business to HSBC Or ADCB!



09 April 2023 2:48

The customer service is terrible. I made a payment thats not reflecing in my beneficiary account. Have been following up last 12 days. Customer service has standard reply, we have updated and manager will call. No action has been taken so far



02 April 2023 23:50

Shouldn’t be mandatory to give one star. With so bad reviews, they still not improving the areas lacking with.

The worst is token system, it calls randomly and not sequence wise, always. Upon addressing to Branch manager, he simply asked me to take another number. Even today all ahead numbers are getting called except ours. If there is system Glitch, they need to fix it for once and all.



21 February 2023 7:58

Service is quite for business user and they give more flexibility to poeple i didnt wait more then 15 mints. My turn came very quick



21 February 2023 7:14

Tellers are sitting like they dont like their jobs.
They just want to get rid of customers.

Very unprofessional



13 February 2023 7:46

I'm the customer of cbd bank

I humbly request for my friends please don't take account from this Bank
Beacause their customer services are very bad and poor then the atm, cdm machines are given in very bad experience pls.



31 December 2022 20:30

Worst experience with deposit Cash ever Ajman Br only one CDM working, Sharjah Br CDM wasn’t work yesterday and today Q out side the branch Customr waiting in the street and even main Br one CDM not working with very long Q for other two CDM. Very sad of Dubai C bank



21 August 2022 11:10

Hi what about manager check? Are they able to do that? We are supposed to sell our apartment in dubai and we don’t live in DxB anymore. The buyer wants to pay by manager cheque. Thanks for your help



06 June 2022 14:26

Do not get a home loan with this bank! Poor after sales service and after 6 months we still do not have our starter pack with loan details and nobody can help! After getting the loan even the mortgage advisor started to ignore us. I messaged CBD on the site to get assistance and after 10 days I got a reply that they will contact me which they never did. Really do not know how these banks are run. For home loans do not use this bank.



31 May 2022 16:09

Since three weeks nobody replied to my emails.
Both contact numbers are constanly busy.
If you dial international number +971 4 211 2848 (international) you need to already have account number so no support if you would like to get one.



10 May 2022 9:18

My hard earned salary was hacked last month and the hacker was from France. The transaction also was in France and I'm here in dubai. They said i authorised the incident. They think you're stupid to authorised someone to steal money from you. So it means only that my salary and hard earned money is not safe with them.



21 April 2022 13:08

Very delayed transfers, it usually takes 10 days or more for money to reach the beneficiary.customer care agents are not helpful either, no one responds to your emails. My issue is still not resolved despite telling the staff that it is a medical emergency. CBD service used to be good but not anymore



19 December 2021 8:25

I'm open a online account 1 month complete but not get my debit card i visit 2 time the branch there told me your card well give you before 4 days 2 time told me now is already completed 33 days services very very bad not respond
wishal sir he will tell everything
My contact no +97156 8321354
Please contact me now



07 November 2021 10:30

It seems very unprofessional work doing from CBD relationship management.

Last 9 months following the team to update mobile number.

I did request through, mail, over the telephone & physically present the request.

Kindly request CBD to keep very professional people in the team.

Thank you!



17 September 2021 22:59

My experience is good with the services they provided. But their chat agents especially Clint behaviour is terrible. He/she will not listen you if you have query or requires any help. They will simply disconnected chat and it was happened to me twice yesterday. He/ she won’t bother whether our concern is cleared or not. Trust me guys don’t make a chance to chat with them. However in terms of banking facility as mentioned in the begining ‘Good’.



23 March 2021 13:42

Horrible customer service over the phone, nothing can be done without physically going to the bank by urself then the bank is always busy and crowded also, bad bank



17 March 2021 19:51

Absolutely unprofessional bank. They block your card without confirming and then no way to unblock it through customer service. TO STAY AWAY FROM THIS BANK



29 January 2021 19:45

The worst bank ever
Customer service inside the bank are useless using the mobile ignoring the clients
It supposed to be a charity for the employees don't name it a branch please



24 January 2021 7:00

WORST BANK EVER: worst services, worst customer service, worst timings, inconvenient on all levels
I don't how they have good reviews for sure it's the bank staff



05 December 2020 8:26

Worst call center service service ever, reaching a HUMAN BEING to talk to is the hardest thing ever. Everytime you call you gotta dial the 16 digits of your card while all you want is to ask a simple question that an employee can answer with one word, you end up spending 10 minutes pressing buttons.



22 April 2020 6:13

The task is to get cash very quickly, But it takes a lot of time for customer service. You can also use the giant machine to deposit cash easily. Overall I am pleased and thank you for their cooperation.



21 August 2019 7:48

Worst customer service. They market their rewards points system but they are unable to deliver products on time and when you call customer care, they are not supported with systems showing them the tracking details of the order. They also don't have contact numbers of their merchant. They simply refused to assist any further on the subject.



14 August 2019 8:43

Writing a check is the most annoying product available to this bank and uae banks in general. No two pen strokes are the same. If you give you landlord 4 checks or more for the year, is it an AI service that scans and verifies check signatures? Overcomplicated process. This bank has the worst customer service process and is not customer friendly at all.



06 November 2018 7:15

من اسوأ البنوك فالدوله لا انصح به لا للمواطنين ولا الوافدين
غلطت حياتي اني نقلت حسابي عندهم



15 October 2018 5:23

1- Last year I asked for No Liability letter after I offered them an from Sharjah Islamic Bank to buy my personal loan and credit card loans. I did this through Me’aissem city center branch. They lost both the offer AND the No Liability letter application

2- They have this weird practice of withdrawing the loan installment 25 days before it’s due time. With my friend, they were able to withdraw 3 successive installments

3- Last Wednesday, July 25th and at 9: 30 am, they sent me a text (attached) telling me that the loan installment of Aug 24th has been ‘on hold’

4- Their customer service e-mail is non existent (I’m attaching an email that I sent to them on September 9th 2017). I’m sure they’re busy with other stuff

5- I want to be very respectful here, so I don’t recommend this bank to anybody (just observe with me how they NEVER replied on anybody on this page)

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