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John takes apart and plays the best selling Epiphone Les Paul Custom. What will be the FINAL GRADE from this full demo and review?

DROP A COMMENT: Is Epiphone's Les Paul Custom the BEST VALUE GUITAR? What guitar will you buy next?

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From Epiphone:

The new Les Paul Custom is part of Epiphone's Inspired by Gibson Collection and honors the 1950s classic designed by Mr. Les Paul in 1954 as the "tuxedo" version of his groundbreaking solid body masterpiece. Featuring a traditional Custom-style Mahogany body and Ebony fingerboard, gold hardware, critically acclaimed ProBucker humbuckers with CTS electronics, Grover machine heads, and Custom style inlay.

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All right, this is playing trade guitars where we play it and trade.

It I'm John that sack and I'm, really glad you're here to check out the Epiphone Les Paul Custom.

This is one of the best selling guitars that Epiphone makes modeled on the iconic Les Paul Custom from Gibson.

This is part of the inspired by Gibson collection.

And it represents an incredible value because for 799 dollars you're getting an Epiphone Les, Paul Custom.

Compare that to the current production from the Gibson Custom Shop, which is about the only place you'll find the Les Paul Custom.

And those are well, north of four or five thousand dollars or more.

So truly in comparison, this might be one of the best buys out there on the guitar market I'll, tell you everything you need to know about the Epiphone last ball, custom I'll, take it apart on the bench we'll.

Take a deep dive, talk full specs before we plug it in and play it if you're in the market for any gear or this guitar, remember to purchase using our link click to buy using our link, because it does support our Channel.

You also get fast free shipping and easy payment plans.

So it's a great way to buy any new gear that you need also be in it to win.

It we're giving away a Gibson Les, Paul, Deluxe, gold, Top guitar tons of new ways to enter, including premium memberships, which will even give you access to our backing tracks check all that out in the description.

Alright, let's get to work on the Epiphone Les, Paul, Custom, I'm really excited about this one.

So at this price it's, not going to include a case or anything.

This is Straight Out of the Box, beautiful Alpine white.

This is going to be a poly gloss, finish it's also available in Ebony for a beautiful black on black.

Look, especially with this nice, dark piece of real ebony.

This is a standout feature.

It's got a real ebony fretboard at this price, which is just beautiful.

You've got these Epiphone Pro, bucker, two and three pickups I'll.

Talk all about those on the bench and a slim taper.

60S, neck fast playing guitar.

Great price, let's head over the bench and take it apart for a full deep dive.

Slim tape, your neck nut, reads 1, 0.67 inches, 0.82 inches at the first up to 0.88 at the 12th, mahogany body, Maple cap, although you can't really see much under the solid color, can you uh, 1.92 inches thick and something else I want to point out on the Epiphone Les Paul's, even though there's technically binding on the guitar, the way they install these Frets.

There are no fret nibs.

So the Frets are basically put on over the binding and then filed down one of the trade-offs on the value you're, getting from Epiphone is that these are made quickly, and they make a lot of them and I will point out some things that you're going to see every now and then on epiphones, because they do move quickly.

You can see a lot of tool marks in The Binding and that's, because they took this fret and basically filed it down leaving tool marks on this binding itself.

And you can actually see it all the way up all the way up to guitar all right let's flip over these humbuckers we're, looking at an epiphone Pro bucker, 3 in Bridge position, Epiphone Pro, bucker 2 in neck position, short neck Tenon on this guitar.

Flipping on the multimeter we've got a reading on these pickups 8.3 in Bridge position, 7.7 in neck, 3.9 combined, all right lifting up the control cover we'll.

Take a look at the hand wiring it under the hood here nice feature is upgraded CTS pots, regular Gibson style, controls 500k pots looks pretty clean in there.

All right, doesn't feel terribly heavy let's.

See how much this custom weighs here, nine pounds, three ounces, we'll call it, uh, 9.2 pounds.

Pretty good weight for a Les Paul, I love, a Les, Paul, that's, right around nine pounds.

And then flipping this around for an initial reaction, uh, definitely noticeably, uh, slim, tapered deck.

Our backing tracks are now available for sale on bandcamp.

And also if you sign up at our Custom Shop premium membership level, you can get access to all of our backing tracks forever and it's a really cool thing to have as a premium channel member, let's get plugged in and check this out I'm, super excited at the end stick around because I'll give you my final score and raw reactions to playing the Epiphone Les, Paul, Custom, let's, get plugged in and get to work.

Good foreign.

Thank you.

Thank you foreign.

Thank you.


All right.

I've got to tell you I am a sucker for a Les Paul Custom.

And this one looks beautiful and I was really hoping it was going to play well.

And guess what it really does I love.

The feel of ebony I will say for 799 dollars.

Obviously, you've got to remember that with Epiphone.

They make a lot of these and they're moving fast.

So you might have a few cosmetic imperfections here and there.

But when it comes down to it I, think that the pro bucker pickups sound, fantastic and I think the ebony, and the neck itself actually feels really comfortable and really playable.

So you've stuck with me to the end I'm going to talk about my final score, I give a score to a guitar based on three main categories and that's overall playability overall sound and overall value when it comes to playability, there were some workmanship issues in terms of the Frets.

However, it did not translate to the playability of the guitar.

It actually played really well.

I had a lot of fun playing this guitar and there's, just something that's really velvety and smooth about playing an ebony fretboard.

And this real ebony fretboard is a standout.

So I would definitely give it high marks in terms of playability.

When it comes to overall sound.

I also am a big fan of the Epiphone kind of paf style, Pro buckers and I will tell you a couple of adjustments I made for Better Sound and better playability out of the box.

Sometimes these can vary in terms of what they need.

If you're starting out with guitar, I would recommend taking it to a tech at this price, because they move quickly I'll tell you the things I had to do I did have to loosen the truss rod.

A little bit I did increase the height of the bridge itself, a little bit to give a little bit more clearance for the high E string.

And then finally, when I first plugged in the pickups did sound a little bit thinner.

So all I had to do was increase the height of both humbuckers until it reached the sound that felt Fuller to my ear.

And after making a few adjustments, which were easy to do I thought, the guitar played really well and sounded really good.

But that is kind of the catch.

If there is one with Epiphone they're coming out of a cardboard box.

They've moved quickly so you're gonna have to double check setup if you're equipped to do it.

Do it yourself if not take it to attack and get it done? Because once it is set up it'll be be your friend for life.

And it is a really solid solid guitar for an unbeatable price of 799 dollars.

Finally value that brings us to price.

You just cannot touch a Les Paul Custom for 799 dollars from Gibson, I mean, it's just out of the question.

So for Epiphone it's clear, why this is a top seller because it's got the looks it's, got the sound and it's got a great price.

Definitely get yourself.

A hard shell case, I would knock a few points for not having any kind of bag or case with it I kind of would wish that that would be included, but that's something you're going to want to add on all right I'm going to give this guitar, a solid 8.7.

And the bulk of where this good score is coming from is value.

And to me, you have to temper a little bit the idea that a guitar at this price range is going to be perfect, because oftentimes it's, not oftentimes I'm, not going to lie to you.

It needed.

Some setup thing is you do the little bit of setup you tweak it to your liking.

And then you have a guitar for an unbelievable price.

And so the bulk of this 8.7 score is coming from a big boost in value because it's 799 dollars in terms of sound and playability I'm, probably giving it somewhere between an eight eight and a half overall.

But again, average it out that's taking us to the high eights when you factor in value, because the price is pretty much unbeatable easy to see why it's a top seller if you're in the market for this guitar, any other gear, remember to buy using our link, because you really really do support us.

And thank you.

It does mean a lot.

It does help this Channel and there's a great incentive, including fast, free shipping and easy payment plans.

If you buy gear using our link, we make it super easy.

Thanks to all of our new channel members.

Thanks to everybody who comments on our videos.

Go ahead and drop a comment.

Let us know what you think of the Epiphone Les Paul Custom, check out one of these video links to watch another demo on playing trade guitars, be in it to win.

It sign up on gleam for our Gibson Les, Paul, Deluxe, gold, top giveaway.

Thanks for being part of playing trade.

Guitars, I'm, John nutsack.

And this is playing trade guitars.


Who uses Epiphone Les Paul Custom? ›

Matt Heafy: As the lead vocalist and guitarist of the popular metal band Trivium, Matt Heafy has been known to use an Epiphone Les Paul Custom. His heavy riffs and melodic solos have earned him a reputation as one of the prominent guitarists in the modern metal scene.

Why is Les Paul Custom more expensive? ›

The Custom is largely handcrafted and finished and is made in a different factory than the standard too. The Gibson Custom Shop is located in Nashville, where the guitars are made carefully by hand with a unique attention to detail, and this is a large part of what makes the Custom so much more expensive.

Are Epiphone Les Pauls as good as Gibson? ›

While the Epiphone Les Paul does sound great, it just doesn't sound like the Gibson Les Paul. There are obvious reasons for this, like the construction of the body, the materials used to create the body of the guitar, the pickups installed, and a few other points that make Epiphone a cheaper company than Gibson.

What are the differences between Epiphone Les Paul Custom and Les Paul Pro? ›

There are many differences between the Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro and the Custom model. The Custom Pro has a flamed maple top, while the Custom does not. The Custom Pro also has gold hardware, while the Custom has chrome hardware. The Custom Pro has active pickups, while the Custom has passive pickups.

Do any professionals use Epiphone guitars? ›

Jared James Nichols: Epiphone Old Glory Signature Model

While his more affordable Epiphone “Old Glory” signature model is based on a more expensive Gibson Les Paul Custom he customized, Jared James Nichols does still use the Epiphone model live on tour.

Do any pros use Epiphone? ›

It's quite an endorsement, then, that not only did frontman John Lennon favour an Epiphone Casino for much of his career (with an excellently sanded-down DIY finish), but bassist/other-frontman Paul McCartney had one, too!

Does a Les Paul Custom sound different than a standard? ›

As you would expect, this means that they do sound different. Whilst they both retain some of the 50s style PAF characteristics, the Custom, particularly in the neck position, comes closer to it, thanks to slightly lower output 490R pickup loaded with Alnico II magnet.

Is the Epiphone Les Paul Custom heavy? ›

Generally speaking, Epiphone Les Paul Customs weigh between 9 and 10 pounds, depending on the specific model and where and when it was made. Epiphone Les Paul Customs made in Korea before 2004 weigh ~10.5 pounds whereas their Chinese-made counterparts weigh 9 pounds.

Why are Les Paul customs heavier than standards? ›

Historic Customs are two pieces of mahogany. The back is the same thickness as the back on a Standard, and another piece of mahogany is glued to the top, instead of the maple top glued on for a Standard.

Is Epiphone better than Gibson now? ›

If you picked up a US-made Gibson and compared it to an Epiphone then you would probably notice a difference. The quality, setup and finish on a Gibson will almost always be superior. However, today's mass-produced guitars are far better than those made a few decades ago.

Where are the best epiphones made? ›

The Epiphone Masterbilt range of guitars are still made in Qingdao, China. Epiphone was founded in 1873 and was only acquired by Gibson in 1957. Prior to opening the Qingdao factories, Epiphone manufactured their guitars in other Chinese factories such as Dongbei, Muse and Mirr, and also in Taiwan, Korea and Indonesia.

Why are Les Pauls so hard to play? ›

Every guitarist is different, but more guitarists prefer a Strat neck profile over a Les Paul neck profile. Finally, a Les Paul is heavier and bulkier, which makes it less comfortable to play compared to a Strat.

What is Epiphone Custom? ›

The new Les Paul Custom is part of Epiphone's Inspired by Gibson Collection and honors the 1950s classic designed by Mr. Les Paul himself in 1954 as the “tuxedo” version of his groundbreaking solid body masterpiece.

When did the Epiphone Les Paul Custom come out? ›

The Les Paul Custom made its debut in 1954 after the initial success of the Les Paul Goldtop.

Can you tell a difference between Epiphone and Gibson? ›

The big difference between Epiphone and Gibson guitars is the finish. Gibson models are coated in a vintage style nitrocellulose lacquer. This can be satin or gloss. Epiphone guitars come shipped in a tougher poly finish.

Can Epiphone sound like Gibson? ›

The only Epiphones that come close are the ones from Japan (which cost almost as much as a Gibson does anyway and are very hard to track down). There is no pickup upgrade, no tuner upgrade, no bridge, nut, control pot, jack or anything else which will make an Epiphone sound or feel like a Gibson.

Did Beatles use Epiphone? ›

Of all the guitars the Beatles made famous, the only one that John, Paul and George had in common was the Epiphone Casino. Each owned a Casino and used it for countless recordings and performances.

What is the most versatile Epiphone? ›

Gibson Les Paul

The first versatile electric guitar on my list simply has to be the Epiphone Les Paul. This guitar is an absolute classic and I challenge you to change my mind on the fact that it is the most versatile electric guitar out there.

Is Epiphone a budget brand? ›

Historically, Epiphone branded guitars have fallen broadly into three categories. Firstly, Epiphone is used as a "budget brand" for Gibson, producing identically-named but lower-priced versions of popular Gibson models, such as the Epiphone Les Paul, which serves as a budget model comparable to the Gibson Les Paul.

Does Epiphone have better quality control than Gibson? ›

Epiphone still has pretty good quality control. The same can be said about Gibson to an extent, but in recent years there has been many QC issues with lower end Gibson guitars. I know for a fact, as I was an avid Gibson player until 2016.

What makes a Les Paul sound so good? ›

The Les Paul was resurrected in the late '60s because guitarists like Eric Clapton and Mike Bloomfield discovered that, plugged into a cranked tube amp, the instrument delivers a powerful, girthy sound that barks with the big dogs, cutting through a thick rock track like a hot knife through butter.

What pickups are in a Les Paul Custom? ›

The pickups were a P-90 in the bridge position and an Alnico V pickup (nicknamed the staple pickup), newly designed by Seth Lover, in the neck position.

Can a Les Paul sound like a Strat? ›

Can a Les Paul Sound Like a Stratocaster? The simple answer to this question is no. A Les Paul known for it's thick and creamy sound can not achieve the bright and twangy Strat tone.

How heavy is a Epiphone Les Paul Custom? ›

The Epiphone Les Paul Custom weighs roughly between 8 – 10lbs (3.6 – 4.5kg).

How heavy is a Les Paul Custom? ›

The average weight on a Les Paul Custom tends to be more than a Standard, about a pound heavier, on average. This one weighs in at 9 lbs 7 oz. The top of the guitar is carved from Maple, a brighter-sounding wood that adds some sweetness to the top end.

How thick is a Les Paul Custom? ›

Les Pauls are generally made from solid mahogany, and the body is thick, measuring roughly 46-47mm at the edge (slightly more at the centre of the carved top).

What kind of music are Les Pauls good for? ›

Along with Fender's Telecaster and Stratocaster, it was one of the first mass-produced electric solid-body guitars. Due to their versatility, Les Paul electric guitars have been used in a wide range of music genres, including rock, country, pop, soul, rhythm and blues, blues, jazz, reggae, punk, and heavy metal.

What is the lightest Gibson Les Paul Custom? ›

The Les Paul Custom Classic Light would be the lightest one you can buy at this time probably. They did make some guitars in the past with a thinner body but most people didn't like them and thought they sounded thinner as well. They also made a model with a swamp ash body that was lighter but these are hard to find.

How heavy should a Les Paul be? ›

A typical Gibson Les Paul weighs between 9-12 lbs (4 – 5.5 kg). When compared to the other types of guitars below, it should be obvious how much heavier a Les Paul can be. The heavy weight of a Les Paul is due to the thick body design and the use of mahogany for the body.

Did John Lennon use Epiphone? ›

John Lennon used the Epiphone Casino as his main electric instrument during the remainder of his time with the Beatles, replacing the Rickenbacker 325.

Why does Epiphone copy Gibson? ›

Luckily, Epiphone make more budget versions of these guitars. In 1957, the company that owned Gibson bought out Epiphone and since then, they've been sister companies. Other brands may make copies of the Les Paul, SG, 335 etc but Gibson and Epiphone are the only two brands that can really lay claim to these guitars.

What genre is Epiphone good for? ›

#1) TONS of great musicians played on Epiphone Guitars –

Jazz, Blues, Metal, Rock……. and every sub genre in between. Below: Matt Heafy of Trivium. A lot of people think that most famous musicians don't opt for these guitars.

How long do epiphones last? ›

So I guess the short answer is that, basically, they will last virtually forever, although possibly requiring some maintenance periodically. Epiphone is a quality instrument, that should last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Why are epiphones so cheap? ›

Epiphone guitars are made in China and are actually very fine instruments. Less expensive components and labor result in a much more affordable product. I have several and they are very comparable in both sound and playability to the more expensive American models.

Where was John Lennon's Epiphone made? ›

What is this? It wasn't until the 70s (more than ten years after Gibson had bought the company) that Gibson moved the production of Epiphone guitars from the United States to Japan, officially “condemning” the company to be regarded as a “cheaper Gibson alternative”.

Why Strats are better than Les Pauls? ›

The Strat is a completely different beast. With three single coil pickups and switching to allow for various combinations of these, it is capable of a wide range of different tones. Less powerful than the Les Paul, the Strat delivers a range of snappy, 'choppy' tones making it ideal for cleaner playing styles.

Which is better Telecaster or Les Paul? ›

If you want to play with a lot of gain and want a thicker tone, go for the Les Paul. But if you want something with a brighter and crisper sound, go for the Telecaster. It's best to try both in person to see what feels best to you. Ask the sales assistant to play some riffs on each and see what sound you prefer too.

What is the most famous Les Paul guitar? ›

The Standard is Gibson's flagship Les Paul and arguably the most iconic.

Is Epiphone good enough? ›

Are Epiphone guitars any good? Yes, they are. An Epiphone guitar can hold its own ground when compared to a Gibson. Guitar players who've used the brand are quick to note that there is a distinction in the sound and feel of the two guitars that would mark them as two very different instruments.

Why did John Lennon use Epiphone? ›

The reason he used an Epiphone Casino was that he loved the way it played and sounded. Even today, Paul McCartney says the Epiphone Casino – the one used during The Beatles' heyday during the 1960s – is his favorite guitar of all time.

Is Epiphone good for beginners? ›

Epiphone Les Paul Special-II E1

First up on the list is the very affordable Epiphone Les Paul Special II E1. This is actually Epiphone's best selling guitar and for good reason. The low price-point makes it excellent for beginner players to get started.

What guitar did Eddie Van Halen play? ›

E.L.V.H., Inc. This Fender Masterbuilt Custom Shop guitar was played by Dutch-American musician Edward “Eddie” Van Halen ( 1955-2020) while on tour in 2007-2008. It is a replica of the guitar built by Van Halen in 1977 and named “Frankenstein” by fans (the guitar is also referred to as "Frankenstrat" and "Frankie”).

Is a Epiphone Les Paul a good first guitar? ›

The Epiphone Les Paul SL is undeniably an excellent choice for a first guitar, but it's important to remember that there are alternatives out there. Let's take a look at a few different electric guitars that might be of interest to you.

What guitar did Kurt Cobain use? ›

Kurt was a huge fan of Fender Mustang guitars, and he often referred to them as his favourite guitars of all time. Known for their playability, the Mustang is the ultimate choice for high-octane rock music and live performance thanks to the short scale and slim neck design.

Why is Epiphone so much cheaper than Gibson? ›

Epiphone Les Paul's are foreign built. This is the main reason behind the price tag difference between the Epiphone LP and the Gibson LP. By not being setup in the United States, Epiphone guitars are comprised of cheaper quality materials and cheaper labor.

Is a Gibson SG that much better than Epiphone? ›

So, the construction and the design are the same; the materials slightly vary in favor of Gibson but are generally the same except for the pickups, in which Gibson is much better. But with the workmanship and attention to detail, Gibson wins the race by far, which makes it a better guitar.

Do any famous guitarists use Epiphone guitars? ›

Dave Davies (Kinks) can be seen playing an Epiphone Casino in the video for "All Day and All of the Night". Tom DeLonge (Blink-182, Angels & Airwaves) uses his signature ES-333 in both Epiphone and Gibson versions. Pete Doherty (The Libertines/Babyshambles) uses a Coronet as his main electric guitar.

Do any famous musicians play an Epiphone? ›

The most famous group known for playing Epiphones were The Beatles. Known worldwide for their memorable hits and their massive fan following, The Beatles members, particularly John Lennon and George Harrison, have been fans of the Casino, while Paul McCartney also opted for an Epiphone Texan at various times.

What Epiphone did John Lennon play? ›

John Lennon used the Epiphone Casino as his main electric instrument during the remainder of his time with the Beatles, replacing the Rickenbacker 325.

Who plays a Gibson Les Paul Custom? ›

Top Les Paul Custom Players

Adam Jones (Tool) The Edge. Randy Rhoads. Robert Fripp.

Did Elvis play an Epiphone? ›

It is a stunning and affordable replica of the actual 1956 Gibson J200 that Elvis played. With this guitar you can shake your pelvis with authority on stage while singing "Hound Dog" to the heavens, or groupies.

Who owns John Lennon's Epiphone? ›

Lennon kept his Casino until the end of his life, bequeathing it to Yoko Ono. It has become one of the most treasured artefacts in Rock and Roll history, appearing in museums around the world as a genuinely important cultural relic. Paul McCartney, meanwhile, uses the Epiphone he bought in 1964 to this day.

Why did John Lennon play an Epiphone Casino? ›

In 1966, while the band was recording “Revolver”, both John Lennon and George Harrison decided to buy Casinos because they were impressed with how well Paul's guitar sounded. The first live appearance of the Beatles playing these guitars was on BBC's “Top of the Pops”.

Did Paul McCartney play an Epiphone? ›

For his first recorded performances, however, McCartney stuck to the acoustic guitar, specifically the Epiphone Texan FT-79. By the time McCartney bought his Texan, Epiphone had become a subsidiary of Gibson Guitars.

What Epiphone did George Harrison play? ›

In the Spring of 1966, during the Beatles performance on the British TV show “Top of the Pops,” John Lennon and George Harrison were seen playing virtually identical 1965 Epiphone Casino ES-230TD guitars finished in Sunburst.

Why did The Beatles like epiphones? ›

The reason he used an Epiphone Casino was that he loved the way it played and sounded. Even today, Paul McCartney says the Epiphone Casino – the one used during The Beatles' heyday during the 1960s – is his favorite guitar of all time.

Did Jimi Hendrix own a Les Paul? ›

Did Jimi Hendrix Ever Play A Gibson Les Paul? Yes, Jimi Hendrix did play a Gibson Les Paul. He was known to own several different Les Paul models throughout his career, including a white 1968 model and a sunburst 1969 model.

What Gibson Les Paul did Jimmy Page play? ›

But the guitar with which Page is most closely linked is his 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard with sunburst finish, a guitar he played for many years of his career with Led Zeppelin.

What pickups does a Les Paul Custom have? ›

The pickups were a P-90 in the bridge position and an Alnico V pickup (nicknamed the staple pickup), newly designed by Seth Lover, in the neck position.

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