Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse Map: Extraction Points, Best Loot Spots, Boss Guide (2024)

Here's our guide to EFT's Lighthouse map, including the best extraction points and loot spots.

Escape from Tarkov's Lighthouse provides a unique experience like no other map, having a designated water treatment plant under the supervision of several trigger-happy raiders, a passive scav boss who takes pity on his prey, and an unforgiving amount of mines spread out across the land. On top of these great features, the map doesn't offer much space to safely roam around in, having the map quite condensed in width players are squished along large housing and an extensively long main road. Lighthouse provides a haven for snipers and a hell for the typical AK user, having places to fight for scraps before being obliterated by a raider's heavy machine gun from over one hundred meters away.

Fortunately, we've survived the odds of Lighthouse and are graciously sharing our knowledge for the betterment of your Escape from Tarkov experience. Offering advice on loot, extractions, weapons, and the sniper scav boss, Zryachiy, who protects the Lighthouse island from foes. However, travel the lands of Lighthouse with precaution, several entities want to watch you suffer, don't be the cause of your downfall for short-term gain - the entities are watching and they'll wait for you to slip up.

Table of Contents

  • Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse Scav Boss - Zryachiy
    • Escape from Tarkov How to Find Lighthouse Radio Transmitter
  • Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse Extractions
  • What Is the Best Loot in the Lighthouse Map
    • The Best Keys for Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse

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Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse Scav Boss - Zryachiy

Being the only 100% spawn chance scav boss, Zryachiy is the overseer and protector of the infamous lighthouse location where the Lightkeeper trader is holding out. As already mentioned, Zryachiy and his guards only attempt to take the life of those that are uninvited to the lighthouse, more specifically, obtain the "Digital Secure DSP Radio Transmitter" within their inventory. However, if provoked, they will strike you down faster than a level 60 in labs. Additionally, your digital secure DSP radio transmitter must be "encoded," otherwise the boss will attack you, after killing Zryachiy, your radio transmitter will become "decoded" and you'll have to encode it again otherwise Zryachiy will engage you in the following raid.

The bridge leading up to the Lighthouse will be covered in claymores, and the encoded transmitter will deactivate these claymores. If traveling in a group, all players must obtain an encoded transmitter otherwise you'll either be blown up or killed by the scav boss and his companions. Zryachiy is joined by two guards who will protect his interests and the Lighthouse, once killing them they can respawn up to three times each until Zryachiy himself is dead! Therefore, if you decide to murder these friendly AIs, make sure you know where Zryachiy is, otherwise you're going to have quite the hassle trying to kill them. They'll often be based within the vegetation of the Lighthouse or on top of rocks around the Lighthouse.

Escape from Tarkov How to Find Lighthouse Radio Transmitter

  • The transmitter was obtained as initial equipment from quest Knock-Knock by Mechanic
  • The decoded transmitter can be crafted into encoded by: electronic components, a flash drive, a screwdriver, and a decoded transmitter - intelligence center level 2 in the hideout.
  • Used in quests: Getting Acquainted, Knock-Knock, and Make Amends from Mechanic.

Finally, Zryachiy and his followers will be using the following weapons:

  • SVDS Sniper rifle - modded
  • AKS-74U Assault rifle
  • SR-1MP Pistol
  • PP-19-01
  • SV-98 Bolt-action Sniper Rifle

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Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse Extractions

As you can see from the image, there are quite a few extractions spread out across the entirety of the map and unfortunately they can be rather hard to reach. With seven extracts for PMCs, there are quite a few to choose from, with Southern Road and Path to Shoreline being the most reputable and easy to reach.

Here are all the extractions on Lighthouse:

Armored trainBehind water treatmentTrain arrives 20 and 15 mins before raid end, honks twice on arrival, and stays for 7 minutes before leaving with everyone onboard
Mountain passLocated between two large chalets behind rocks (green smoke)Red rebel ice pick, paracord, and no armor vest equipped
Northern checkpointBehind water treatment, the left road of the train station-
Path to ShorelineCenter of the map, past the residential housing deep into the swamp, you'll see Shoreline-
Road to military base V-ExThe road behind the water treatment, right side₽5,000 per player
Side tunnel (Co-Op)Main road, outside main chalet, large road tunnelPMC and friendly scav
Southern road

The southern part of the map, opposite lighthouse island and around the bend of the mountain


The extracts within Lighthouse arent is difficult to operate once there, it's just difficult due to the spacing and desolate, open land between them. To reach each extract you're required to walk and roam across dangerous lands and there will be marksmen awaiting your arrival. Keep your eyes peeled and scour the land for any "out of place" entities.

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What Is the Best Loot in the Lighthouse Map

Loot is typically dominant within the chalet region in the center of the map, containing high-value loot and plenty of attention from other PMCs. Overall, the entire map is typically popular with "loose loot" containing items that you would find within sports bags, loose coats, and items that spawn openly. This includes anything between BTCs to ration packs, therefore it's quite a rather vague selection. Additionally, loot is dominant within the lighthouse extension (access guide listed above) and the residential area before the treatment plant, offering similar loose loot.

Despite the vagueness of open loot, the water treatment plant is where we get jiggy. Over ten raiders, mountains of weapons, and rare items, all that's stopping you from obtaining this loot is your ability to play the game! These raiders are ruthless and will likely kill you, but there are certain methods to get around the water treatment plant and assassinate your foes, prospering off their no-longer-needed weapons. Pestily provides a fully comprehensive guide on killing and moving around the treatment plant to ensure the success of your raid.

The Best Keys for Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse

Merin car trunk keySmall parking lot west of the lighthouse (nicer red car)High-Value loot
Rouge USEC stash keyCabin south of water treatment in carparkWeapons and attachments
Shared bedroom marked a keyLighthouse island, house next to guard building, second floor, shared bedroomBTCs, Prokill, med case
USEC first safe keyBlue chalet, northwestern bedroom on the second floorVPX, Virtex processor, Military transmitter

Although there is an abundance of random loose loot, ranging from high and low value, the keys on Lighthouse provide a profitable experience. Some of the locations can be rather difficult to find, but this is with most locations on Tarkov, Lighthouse is one of the worst maps for confusion. Fortunately for you, by the time you've looted all these locations everyone will be dead or would have extracted, therefore the world can be your oyster if you survive the hellfire of enemy snipers and grenade launcher equipped rouges.

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Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse Map: Extraction Points, Best Loot Spots, Boss Guide (5)

Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse Map: Extraction Points, Best Loot Spots, Boss Guide (2024)
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