How I Landed A Bank Job in Canada As An international Student In 2 Weeks - What Worked For Me!!! (2023)


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Finding a decent paying part-time job as an international student can be tough, I share some tips and tricks that have worked for me in the past and how I was offered a bank teller job with no prior banking experience in 2 weeks.

Let me know in the comment section below if you have any questions and if they are other topics you want me to cover! Also, I'd love to hear your experience as a student with part-time jobs.

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So recently, I got two messages on linkedin asking, how did I get a part-time job in a bank because it's so so difficult for like international students to get part-time jobs in a retail bank while you're in university so here's, my experience what I did what worked for me what didn't work for me.

And I hope it helps you too.

I came to canada in 2015 for my master's.

And my first job was in subway.

And my second job was in mcdonald's, and I completely absolutely didn't like it.

Because I mean, let's face it fast food industry jobs.

You have to stand on your feet for long.

You get paid nothing but peanuts.

And I just wanted an out because I just felt like I could do so much better with the jobs that were out there.

So when I first started applying to like all, you know, banking jobs as a teller.

I did it all online because that's how they accept job applications.

So I did that for about three or four months of, you know, applying online talking to people and nothing seemed to work for me, because I didn't get a response back the only responses.

I got back were emails saying, you know, thank you for your application.

But at this time, we decided to move forward with someone else.

I actually even remember it to this date, what the email stated.

But what I did was one fine day.

I woke up.

I was just really tired of like, not knowing, where was I going wrong? If something's wrong with my resume, if something's wrong with the way I'm applying or the timing of it all or just that? I didn't have any experience in the canadian banking, retail sector, right? So all I did was I got dressed up.

I got professionally dressed up.

I had a huge smile on my face.

I walked in to one of the canadian banks here.

And then I went to the receptionist.

I said, I want to talk to the branch manager regarding this job that I saw online.

And she said, you need to apply it online.

I mean, there's, no point talking to a branch manager.

Luckily, for me, the branch manager had no appointments for the day.

She said, okay, fine, you know what just come in my office let's just talk.

And she asked me all of these questions.

And then I asked her like why am I not hearing back like? Why am I getting emails is something wrong with my resume? You know, I feel like I am qualified with all the requirements in the description that you provided for the job.

But I just don't seem to get it and it's, not just been like one month or two months it's been six months.

So she said, yeah, because where I was studying kamloops was relatively a smaller city people who applied to these positions that were opening up.

They were like 100, plus students applying to the same teller positions and they're like if hr finds good people in the first 10 or first, 15 resumes, they don't look at the next 75, resumes and I'm like, oh, okay.

So, yeah, and we spoke about, uh for I think about 15 20 minutes about, you know where I see myself in five years.

What are my goals? My ambition, what got me to tru or kamloops? You know, since I was in india like what what so we spoke heart to heart for like 20 minutes.

And my agenda was just to know what is her mindset and what's her thought process.

And she said, you know, what if there's anything else give me your email id, I'll, pass it on to like hr and I'm like? Okay, I walked out of there, not expecting a job, but I walked out of their understanding and just getting and growing my network connection.

So the same day I sent her a linkedin request after that.

The next week, I get an email saying that you're invited for a job interview, uh, as a bank teller at this this, uh at this bank.

So, uh, we would love to.

And this is your timing.

And I got a call set up the interview I went in there.

There were five people ahead of me and I'm like, oh, my god.

These people look older to me, they have experience I've spoken to them.

I don't know if I can e-nail this interview, but again, I had no expectations.

I went into the interview with a youth smile with my resume.

I was calm and composed very very confident and sat there.

And you know, answered all my questions.

I did my research.

I did whatever I could in terms of being competent enough in a job interview right so came back out I'm like.

Okay, no expectations let's.

See where this goes don't have high hopes.

And then after that, um, I get a call next week saying that, yeah, you gotta you got the job offer.

These are your timings.

Can you tell us what timings work for you? Because it was a part-time job.

So it depends on when I had my classes.

And when I didn't and I'm like this is great.

So my advice to you would be a network b, don't be afraid to go in there and ask the industry expert of their opinions on.

You know, your resume how to apply for better jobs just talk to them.

Just, you know, build network connections with them and just be calm and composed with it.

And a lot of people don't apply to jobs, because they think that what's the point of applying I'm, not going to get it anyway.

But this is the thing this is what is going to be holding you back if you don't apply to jobs thinking that I'm not going to be getting it anyway, you're losing an opportunity right there? What if you actually get it like for me? I had to change that mindset that I had.

I had that mindset for a long time and I'm like I need to change and reverse that mindset of okay, I'm, not going to be scared.

If I don't get it, at least I tried.

And if I get it, well, you know, well and good for me so don't be afraid to apply for the job.

You think, you're overqualified for apply for jobs talk to people build your network and just be calm and composed right like don't, lowball yourself when you have, or when you know something that you really really want like I really wanted to not work in a fast food industry ever in my life and I'm like this is my out.

This is how I'm gonna get it.

So yeah, let me know in the comment section below if you have any further questions, I would love to do a video to like, you know, answer all of those questions all right guys.

Thank you so much for watching subscribe like the video.

And thank you for all the support that all my friends are showing I've been getting calls messages and it's been really really overwhelming.

So thank you so much for that and I'll, see you guys in the next video.


Is it easy to get a job in Canada for international students? ›

International students in Canada with a study permit who are enrolled full-time in a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), can work off campus without a work permit. This means you can work for any employer in any occupation anywhere in Canada. International students can also work on campus if they wish.

What is chances of getting job in Canada for international students? ›

Over 56% of international students face job search challenges and 70% of international job seekers do not get a job in their field of study. International students have cultural and language barriers as well as immigration needs that add more layers of challenges to their job search,” explained the 27-year-old.

How much an international student can earn in Canada in part-time job? ›

The hourly pay for foreign students in Canada typically varies from $13 to $25. However, depending on their work type and expertise, international students may make as much as $30 to $75 per hour in Canada, with the minimum wage ranging from $11.45 to $22.50 per hour.

What do I need to study to work in a bank in Canada? ›

A university degree or college diploma in business administration, commerce, economics or a related field is usually required. A master's degree in business administration, finance or management science may be required for the management of large commercial loans.

Is it easy for an American to get a job in Canada? ›

Getting a job in Canada while you're still in a different country can take time. Employers prefer to hire candidates who are already in Canada and authorized to work here, as it makes the recruitment process faster and simpler.

Can I work in Canada as a US international student? ›

You can only start working in Canada when your study program has started. You can't work before you start your studies. If you're able to work during your studies, it'll say so in the conditions on your study permit. If you're eligible for off-campus work, you don't need a work permit.

How long do international students have to find a job? ›

Therefore, the total time left out for an immigrate student to get employed is 90 Days. United OPT helps an OPT as F1 student to find entry-level jobs within your 90 days Deadline.

Which job is easier to get in Canada? ›

Receptionist. If you don't mind being glued to your desk and interacting with the public, then getting a job as a receptionist is really easy. This job is perfect for those people who are organized, good problem solvers and love helping people.

What jobs are in demand for international students in Canada? ›

The best jobs in Canada for international students include IT support, surgeon, dentistry, lawyer, sales representative, marketing management, petroleum engineering, and teaching. You should choose the best course that will guarantee your future success and secure your high-paying jobs in Canada.

What is the cost of living in Canada for international students? ›

This is one of the reasons so many young people choose to live here. Students should budget for about 10000 to 12000 Canadian dollars per year to cover cost of living expenses such as residence or rent, meal plan or groceries, cell phone plans and spending money.

How much dollar per hour in Canada? ›

Canada wide
Average hourly wage
8 more rows
Jun 13, 2023

What is the maximum wage for international students in Canada? ›

Earnings potential for international students
JurisdictionEffective DateWage Rate
Federal Footnote101-Apr-2023$16.65
Federal Footnote101-Apr-2022$15.55
British Columbia01-Jun-2022$15.65
22 more rows

Is it easy to get bank job in Canada? ›

Getting Bank jobs in Canada may be easy but fulfilling the requirements and experience is quite messy. And the requirements of bank jobs in Canada may vary depending on the types of jobs in the Banking field. So now let's talk about the job opportunities in Canada for the Banking field.

How do I become a bank teller in Canada? ›

Job requirements Bank Teller in Canada
  1. A college diploma in business administration may be required.
  2. On-the-job training is provided.
  3. Completion of secondary school is required.

Which bank is better to work for in Canada? ›

All of the Big Five banks made the list, with RBC coming out on top, followed by TD Canada Trust. The Toronto Transit Commission, Telus Communications, General Motors, and The Hospital for Sick Children also ranked in the top five.

Do all international students get job in Canada? ›

You may be eligible to work in Canada while studying, if your study permit includes a condition that says you can work on or off campus. You must also meet all the other requirements. You can only start working in Canada when you start your study program. You can't work before your studies begin.

Is it hard to get a job in Canada as a foreigner? ›

Finding work in Canada might be challenging, but if you're persistent and optimistic, you'll ultimately succeed. The most essential thing to keep in mind is to never give up, no matter what. There are a lot of immigrants and foreigners in Canada that are going through the same thing you are right now.

Is it worth moving to Canada as an international student? ›

Living in Canada is an absolutely worth it experience for any international student. The country is globally known for its advanced education system, work opportunities, health facilities, safety and multicultural environment.

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