How to unlock customers | Animal Restaurant Game (2023)


Will explain what the requirements mean. Will also show all the customers I've unlocked and their requirements.
Unexpectedly unlocked a new customer I didn't have before!!!


Hi guys, so what we're gonna do today is we're gonna talk about how to unlock all of these characters.

Alright? So I.

Some of these, they didn't have much requirements like flying bunnies, just like takoyaki.

So you just need to have the food the recipe unlocked.

And the freshly me you gotta have it unlocked.


So the more recipes you unlock the more likely that the animals will come, but you easily right now.

I don't have any promotions and I don't have any flowers at the moment.

So on my annual such a site like this, bad job, I'm.

So sorry, not in the Fox, like if you're gonna look at them, you see their requirements, they don't, they don't really need anything.

You see it's like all complete this order and the Fox sorry, they need facilities and food.

But you see so I, really as long as I have the food or not and I have to fill out facilities.

A lot like just over here as I have to take the enemy can come.

However, if you want other animals like maybe let us see the hamster.

If you want him to show up, you need to put the maple leaf inside inside the VAS here, yeah, are you some of you? But I'm, not sure if you actually turn up I, don't know, if you wanna watch an ant, yeah, let's.

Watch an ad together.

Hmm, oh man, it's.

A 30-second app is just fast forward.

Oh, yeah.


But anyways, yeah, love at watching this game.

Oh my gosh, all right.

So hopefully your hip so will show up.

Yeah, my little boy.

Anyways, just continue talking.

So I'm, just gonna show all of all of the I don't have that many left.

So he can see you them.

Oh, there's, no hands to shut up.



Anyways, if you if you try enough times, right, if you promote it enough, yeah, and so we definitely show up so that's.

What it means when there's our requirement, yeah, so there's like different types of requirements, there's, a flower requirement.

Star rating requirement studies, this I'm, not recipes requirements.

And oh, then look the hamster just showed up.

And we only can show up when you have to maple leaf display in the flower pot.

So cute, actually one, my favorite see, he's only gonna come here if you have the maple leaves on display.

So right now, the kind of flower.

So you can put on display is the basic fall.

Look, easy, sunflower rose and do that.

And of course, we have the white rose, which is actually quite useful a lot of animals require this.

And of course, the maple leaves.

Now you can only get the maple leaves doing I.

Think, even though something somewhere until November did this.

Yeah, I'm gonna show you all the requirements with the white bunny bra money, doesn't need anything.

So you got a rich star, 9 I, believe, myself, you have these already so I just pause, my video, promo, no that's, not common.

It is here.

See we open I think I effect.

That's quite interesting about the promotions is that like as as the promotion gets better, the more Pepsi near to so whiny, the guy around this is to upgrade Dori.

So then can person whole for only 10 seconds while if not it will be probably around 25 seconds, I think, yeah, rich kid, I think most people just get this without even trying.

This is a letter by the way.

Oh wait, no it's.

An order.

Yeah, yeah.


Sorry, I forgot.

It was quite a while ago.

Wrong, goof, striked, checkol, blueberry, hitch hot.

So you got dip, you gotta put a daisy in sight one of the pumps, and you have to unlock the bibimbap recipe, hmm.

So just pause.

Whenever you if you see the animal that you need maybe write down the requirements of what you're gonna unlock, and then just do that for your own restaurant and you'll get all the all of the animals.

I don't really know why some of these animals are shining while the restaurant here having a chance to get these yet cuz, it's seasonal.

You gotta use a Sakura I haven't seen a securing it much to me, it's June to August.

And this is September to November, getting hamster maple leaves with maple leaves Theriot, the Shiva T, White Rose.

So what I recommend is after you put a white rose, you just spam the promote time, 15 button, very Hitchcock.


So this is I'll, put both the Daisy and of rules, I think if I'm not wrong right? The higher level, the higher the level of the flower you put inside off down in South, a flower pot, the more likely you are to get the animal.

However, sometimes alder.

The animals later at the bottom are I had to try like many many times for me to be able to get to I'd like to unlock the anymore.

This is my favorite by the way because you can reduce the mob wedding time for hedgy white rose again.

Now, we're at a pub, speckle pig, I, don't, really like the cool to be honest, I don't.

Think you should ever buy anything from the crew, unless like the cost of the seats that he's selling is lesser than the cost for planting of Bluebell.

But honestly most of time it's not worth it.

So just to say, no, oh, Kali, fennec fox.

Okay, like this one I tried so so hard to get this and I was not able to, but I'm, pretty sure by now I've got an autocrat food, because all of these animals below they have like much more expensive required food.

But I really tried super hard like I use level for me, believes I, spam the cell phone for more like crazy, but I never got it.



Now links Dawson just pause, the video.

Whenever you need to look at one of the animals, I hate this it's, the worst.

Now this one took quite a while well, Daisy rose in bloom 0:03, again, I don't know why? Some of these animals are shiny we're almost reaching the end here Oh like this cat.

Okay, I tell you right when I got the fine liquor already.

This cat came once, but because I didn't have the orange juice.

Oh, no.

The pen is here.

Oh, oh, my I just unlocked on you anymore.

Wait let me type the pen low, you know, what it's so adorable.

Okay, I'll show you because I hadn't gotten this recipe for orange juice.

And because of that, even though, um, the Cheshire Cat visited me because he all the orange juice and I couldn't, fulfill the order I didn't get to unlock the character.

So like when he ordered it.

But when you see the Sheep, if I can't fulfill the order that I just typed I won't unlock the character.

So yeah, just an interesting pointer.

Look at my Sheba puppy, who is the reporter, Scotch Carly and I pack up.

And then when I just unlocked a Shiva puppy, it's so cute, look a request.

The Shiba puppy's photo.

Oh, my god this so cute, oh, my god, I'm walking around these little diaper.

Why is he going I'll show you the letter Louise's? Puppy photo, you gotta get this one first, oh it's when they get married.

Do you get a puppy photo all right? That's all the characters I've unlocked so far, plus the one new one, which is like, oh, my god.

What were the chances? Alright, thanks for watching me guys if you want to know anything else is that mean, oh, yeah, humor, puppy, it's.



Thanks for watching.

If you like the video, please give it a like and subscribe to me.

Thank you.

Oh it's going to the buffet.

Oh, where do you go adorable? Oh, by the way, the buffet recipes, they don't affect it at all.


How to unlock customers | Animal Restaurant Game? ›

You can sometimes purchase them from the Mysterious Merchant (crow) when he has them in stock, or you have a chance of getting them from a wish at the Wishing Well. When you get these, put them in a vase on your garden table to activate.

How do you unlock customers in Terrace? ›

Terrace Promo/Customer Pity System

5.6 to ensure that the Terrace Customers will eventually be unlocked after a certain number of promotions on the Terrace. These customers can still be unlocked by chance before this number of promotions occurred, given that the player has all the requirements needed for that customer.

How do you unlock customer rose in animal restaurant? ›

The customer will only appear in the restaurant after you meet the unlock requirements and they are counted as unlocked only after having a meal! (Viewing flowers or making orders do not count.) There is no fixed timing for their appearance! Promote more and hope that they will come to your restaurant.

How do I get customers from town animal restaurant? ›

Town. These customers are generally infrequent or rare and can only be attracted with TV Promotion or a higher level promo method.

How do you get fall seasonal customers at Animal Restaurant? ›

Tips for Flower Customers

Higher-level flowers will last longer as more customers can view them and will also drop more stars. With this, the chance of obtaining Fall Seasonal Customer is better when putting 1x Level 4 Maple Leaf on the vase than putting 3 Level 3 Maple Leaf on 3 vases.

How do you unlock chef gumi in animal restaurant? ›

Purchasable via the Signature Store. Obtain from Fantastical Party event. Received via in-game redemption code during Lunar New Year Event 2023.

How do you unlock little fox in animal restaurant? ›

* As long as the required facilities are bought, the customer will have a chance to visit.
Little Fox.
Required Flowers:Sunflower, Rose, Bluebell
Prerequisite(s):Obtain Little Fox's Letter.
Lives in:City
Appearance Weight :100
2 more rows

Where is the codes in animal restaurant? ›

To redeem the code press the cog icon in game and then click on the left cat photo (Dori). If you are copy/pasting the code, ensure there are no spaces before or after the code. Capitalization matters if the code has uppercase letters. All expired items have never been re-released or made available via any other mean.

How do you get people in the buffet in animal restaurant? ›

To invite a player to work in your buffet, you will need to share your link to Facebook, Line, Twitter or directly to someone by clicking the more option (...). Keep in mind that the link will expire after 30 minutes.

How do you unlock seedy the waiter in animal restaurant? ›

Seedy the Waiter can be unlocked for 1,200,000 after unlocking Terrace.

What does the fox need in animal restaurant? ›

Required Food:Dumplings, Bagel, Candied Hawthorn
Dishes Ordered:Dumplings, Bagel, Candied Hawthorn, Porridge & Jam
Required Facilities:Fine Oven, Ornate Oven
Lives in:Town
Share Reward:4,000
1 more row

How many customers are in animal restaurant? ›

There are currently 22 seasonal customers in the game. A dog who loves going to shrines in the springtime to pray for himself and his friends. His droopy eyes make him look a bit down, but he's actually a very gentle cat. He's Gumi's friend.

What is the cod under the sun animal restaurant? ›

Cod under the Sun is a tip jar that was available during the month of June and it's related to Children's Day Event.

What do doll fragments do in animal restaurant? ›

Doll Figures are obtained randomly and can be used to summon their corresponding Customers.

How do you attract booth owners in animal restaurant? ›

Booth Owner Customers will appear at the Fishing Pond when attracted with the right type of Fish. There are currently 82 booth owners in the game. Very traditional popcorn. It creates an explosive bang while cooking.

What is the chance of inviting a performer in animal restaurant? ›

Performer's Appearance Rates Explained

And each band member has a 10% chance to invite a different band.

What does Timmy the server do? ›

Job. Timmy boosts movement speed, and makes troublesome Customers like Cod-Stealing Rabbit, Mister Roach and Skunk leave for tea every so often.

What does temp worker Yolky do? ›

Every 4 hours Yolky earns a certain the amount of. Plates based on his raise level. Player can still send themselves and Yolky to work at somebody else's restaurant, by clicking their invite link, in order to earn. Plates.

How do you get dolls in animal restaurant? ›

Doll Figure Customers can appear after collecting their figures from the Gachapon. The doll customers will not appear in the catalog until unlocked. There are currently 41 doll figure customers in the game - 40 regular and 1 from Fantastical Party event.

How do you get Hedwig back in animal Restaurant? ›

Hedwig will leave on an adventure then return. Hedwig is able to carry Flowers, Seeds and Watering Cans in her suitcase. Depending on what you send her with, she can bring back rewards and/or Letters. The Fortuneteller can make Hedwig come back sooner in exchange for watching an ad.

How do you unlock the rabbit ding in animal Restaurant? ›

Obtain from Fantastical Party. Purchasable via the Signature Store. Obtain from Wishing Well. Obtained via Christmas Event 2022.

How do I get the alpaca animal Restaurant? ›

Picky: Rating must reach 14,000
Required Food:Cupcake, Hot Pot, Cola, Spaghetti
Lives in:City
Share Reward:70,000
Appearance Weight :140
2 more rows

What makes the most cod in animal restaurant? ›

Invest in mailbox and barbecue as both will generate a lot of. cod while the game is active. Upgrade Dori and Jiji as much as possible as they will bring in more customers automatically.

How do you get free money at animal restaurant? ›

The Best Ways to Make Money:

The tip desk will generate money from served customers. The tip desk will gain money every minute, while you are playing and while you're not using the app.

How often does the rich kid come in animal restaurant? ›

Rich Kid stays in the restaurant from 20 to 30 seconds. 6,000/tap.

How do you get crab animal restaurant? ›

Crab. If a crab appears from the right side as soon as you enter the pond, hit the bait button once Rabbit Ding is centered over the yellow plus icon.

How do you visit other people's restaurant in Animalrestaurant? ›

Tips: To get the Friend Bar to show up, it is best to long tap on the friend's avatar. Visit button which will show the full friend list.

Should I leave food out for fox? ›

If you want to, yes; lots of people feed foxes, either regularly or occasionally, and get a great deal of enjoyment from doing so, but please be aware they are wild animals - feed and watch them, but don't try and tame them. In particular, don't put out excessive amounts of food and clear away any uneaten food.

Why does fox eat chicken? ›

Foxes kill chickens out of excitement and food security. They don't know if the chickens will be there when they return if they leave them alive, so they kill them all out of convenience for their next meal. Think of it as meal-prepping for foxes.

Does fox only eat meat? ›

Foxes have a really diverse diet. They are expert hunters, catching rabbits, rodents, birds, frogs and earthworms as well as eating carrion. But they aren't carnivorous - they are actually omnivores as they dine on berries and fruit too.

What does required flower mean animal restaurant? ›

Customers that have flower(s) requirements must have their flower(s) placed in the garden table vase(s) in order to count for their requirements along with promotion/promo being used. Higher-level flowers will last longer as more customers can view them and will also drop more stars.

How do you get the most film animal restaurant? ›

Best way to increase film
  1. Purchase film earning courtyard facilities (speakers, tables, and fences)
  2. Purchase film earning courtyard décor.
  3. Complete the daily Game Machine.
  4. Complete the daily [3] Treasure Hunts for Lucky Bags. ...
  5. Complete as many of the Gathers as you can daily.

What country is animal restaurant from? ›

Animal Restaurant (simplified Chinese: 动物餐厅; pinyin: Dòngwù cāntīng) is a business simulation idle mobile phone game designed by Chinese developer wei wang (iOS) aka DH Games (Android) and released in 2019.

What is the signature store in animal restaurant? ›

It is located on the right side of the Kitchen. The player can buy Facilities and Wallpapers to customize it. In this area, you will find the Signature Store, where you can buy wallpapers, special facilities and mementos.

What cod is zoo from? ›

Zoo is a multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops that was released for the Escalation downloadable content pack. Zoo is also available in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, where it was added on September 9th, 2021 as part of Season Five Reloaded content for the game.

Is Cod a food fish? ›

Cod is popular as a food with a mild flavour and a dense, flaky white flesh. Young Atlantic cod or haddock prepared in strips for cooking is called scrod.

What is the pink flower in animal restaurant? ›

they are sakura flowers, you can use them for Hedwig and also put them in flower vases.

What to do with Memento Animal restaurant? ›

Mementos are collectables. They can be gifted by a customer after reaching a certain requirement or obtained via Redemption Code, the Wishing Well, or Gachapon. Some mementos can be used to dress up your staff and decorate the restaurant.

How does Gachapon work? ›

A Gachapon is a lottery-like minigame that awards players with random items in exchange for Gachapon Tickets, which are purchased through the Cash Shop. These can be found in the Game → Convenience category of the Cash Shop. To use a Gachapon Ticket, navigate to the inventory Cash tab and double-click on the ticket.

How to get different customers in restaurant tycoon 2 roblox? ›

If you buy a computer/manager's desk (at the top floor of EKEA), you can place it and click on it to see what your customers think about your restaurant and try to change things to get your restaurant up to 5 stars. The better the service, design, and variety of food there is, the more customers will come.

How do you get a lot of money at animal restaurant? ›

The Best Ways to Make Money:
  1. Active. Serving customers via Clicking / Holding Promotion. ...
  2. Purchase Items that Generate Cod Idly. Tip Desk.

How do you solicit a booth owner in animal restaurant? ›

Put fish in the billboard by the pond to solicit booth owners. Different fish bring different booths and the time of day also affects the probability of an owner showing up.

How do I upgrade my regional promo animal restaurant? ›

Players can upgrade the Promotion level by tapping on the upgrade icon aka the green arrow in the speaker. You can't buy Memories Record Player because you don't have TV Promo, which is a requirement.

How do I add people to my restaurant in restaurant tycoon? ›

A Manager is a player allowed to assist in another person's restaurant. They can be added in the Workers tab under the "Player Managers" Then click add new and type someone from the server or a Roblox friend. This feature can also be accessed during the 'Restaurant Setup' phase.

How do you get more waiters in restaurant tycoon? ›

Waiters can be hired in the Restaurant Workers tab with the price to hire is the same as the chefs. Waiters will only function if there is a customer in the building.

How many waiters can you have in restaurant Tycoon 2? ›

You can have up to 7 chefs and waiters, and 2 operators and 1 driver by default. Purchasing the More Workers Gamepass allows you to have up to 10 chefs and waiters.

What are the codes in animal restaurant? ›

Redemption Code
CodeValidityExpiration Date
BEELOVEDONESValid from 2023-06-01 until 2023-06-30
ECOFRIENDLYValid from 2023-05-16 until 2023-06-14
LOVESTORYValid from 2023-02-14 until 2023-03-13
YEAROFRABBITValid from 2023-01-22 until 2023-02-21
42 more rows

Can you get banned from animal restaurant? ›

However, once a user exceeds three warnings, said user will be punished with a 1-day edit ban. The next will be a 3 days ban, and then a week ban.

How do you promote faster on animal restaurant? ›

Upgrade Dori and Jiji as much as possible as they will bring in more customers automatically. Clicking the promote button or holding the promote button. after you have unlocked Dori to attract as many customers as possible.

What does the pond do in animal restaurant? ›

The Fishing Pond is where Fisherman Rabbit Ding exclusively works. A Beaver can also remove rocks from the area when you hire them. Apricat the Sweeper, Timmy the Server and Lucky the Cashier can also work in this area.

How do you get lucky bags in animal restaurant? ›

Some lucky bags are hidden beneath facilities. You have to press and hold on the facility to let it disappear temporarily to find the lucky bag!

How do I get more people in the buffet animal restaurant? ›

To invite a player to work in your buffet, you will need to share your link to Facebook, Line, Twitter or directly to someone by clicking the more option (...).

What do I give Hedwig Animal Restaurant? ›

Give her a flower, she might bring back something for you. Hedwig will take some time to return after leaving. Please be patient.

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