Uhaul vs Budget Breakdown in 2024: Choose Wisely (2024)

Whether you are planning a cross-country move or a local move, it can be difficult to choose between Uhaul vs Budget. Budget and Uhaul are well-known moving companies that offer various services, prices, and moving truck sizes.

Overall, both moving companies have the same service quality, but we are comparing the two to conclude which moving company offers the best rates and services specifically for your move.

Pros of UhaulCons of Uhaul
Seven truck sizesFewer discounts than the competition
Better rates for long-distance movesUnreliable reservations
21,000 locations between the U.S. and Canada
Offers moving, storage containers, and cargo trailers
24/7 truck sharing system
Pros of BudgetCons of Budget
Best rates for local movesFive truck sizes
Low mileage ratesDoes not provide moving containers
Several discountsOnly 2,800 locations
Offers car rentals
Uhaul vs Budget Breakdown in 2024: Choose Wisely (1)

Budget Trucks Sizes

Budget offers five truck sizes.

  • Pickup truck
  • Cargo van
  • 12-foot box truck
  • 16-foot box truck
  • 26-foot box truck
Uhaul vs Budget Breakdown in 2024: Choose Wisely (2)

Uhaul Trucks Sizes

Uhaul offers seven truck sizes.

  • Pickup truck
  • Cargo van
  • 10-foot truck for small loads
  • 15-foot box truck
  • 17-foot box truck
  • 20-foot box truck
  • 26-foot box truck

Uhaul or Budget for Local Moves?

While you can choose Uhaul and Budget for local moves, Budget is the more affordable option. For local moves, Budget’s average price for rentals below 100 miles is 427.61 plus $0.47 per mile, while U-Haul charges $38.70 plus $0.99 per mile.

However, if you need various truck sizes to choose from for your local move, Uhaul might be the better option. Uhaul offers more truck sizes than Budget. Depending on what you are looking for with your Budget or Uhaul rental for a local move, affordability, or truck size, both companies offer different things.

Uhaul or Budget for Long Distance Moves?

Uhaul is the more affordable choice for long-distance moves compared to Budget. In addition to affordability, Uhaul offers more truck sizes to choose from for your long distance move.

A possible issue when going with Uhaul for your long distance move is that reservations are often unreliable. An unreliable reservation can ruin your moving day. Uhaul has more customer complaints regarding their reservations compared to Budget’s customers.

While Uhaul is more affordable than Budget for long distance moves, Penske offers the lowest pricing. When comparing Uhaul vs Penske vs Budget, we would choose Penske, Uhaul, and then Budget for a long distance move. Penske offers free unlimited mileage on one-way moves and some discounts.

Uhaul vs Budget Breakdown in 2024: Choose Wisely (3)

Budget Coverage Options

Budget has five coverage options to protect you if you run into an unfortunate circumstance, such as accidentally locking your keys in the truck or getting in an accident.

Supplemental Liability Insurance

The supplemental liability insurance coverage plan protects you from injury claims from third parties against you when driving the Budget truck. However, there are some exclusions. Supplemental liability insurance will not cover you, though, if you drive in a manner than goes against your rental agreement.

Damage Waivers

Damage waivers cover the cost of damage to your Budget truck or any towing equipment that you rented. Budget has two separate waiver plans.

Limited Damage Waiver: This waiver covers damage after the first $500. Any replacement or repair costs will come from your own money for the first $500.

Physical Damage Waiver: A physical damage waiver covers all damage costs.

Roadside SafetyNet

When you pay roadside SafetyNet, you pay for access to Budget’s 24/7 roadside assistance hotline. This hotline can assist if you have a dead truck battery, flat tire, or a lockout.

Personal and Cargo

Personal and cargo cover any bodily injury to you and your passengers. It also covers damage to your household goods if there is a collision. Personal and cargo do not cover some belongings, like your jewelry, and don’t cover collisions due to improper driving.

Auto Tow Protection

Auto tow protection covers any vehicle you tow using a Budget car carrier or a dolly as long as it is towed behind your Budget truck.

Uhaul vs Budget Breakdown in 2024: Choose Wisely (4)

Uhaul Coverage Options

Uhaul has four types of coverage options to keep you protected in the case of burglary, accidents, or water damage.


Safemove allows you to get a damage waiver for your rental equipment. This can include your truck, life and medical protection for you and your passengers, and cargo protection for your goods.


Safetow is like Safemove, but for towing. Safetow gives you a damage waiver for any towing equipment, life and medical protection for you and your passengers, and offers protection for your towed cargo.

Safemove Plus

Safemove plus gives you everything that is included in the Safemove plan. However, it differs because it adds one million dollars in supplemental liability coverage and extra inclusions for your damage waiver.


Safetrip allows you to access more deluxe roadside protection plans like fuel services and lockout services, in addition to the basic 24/7 roadside assistance that Uhaul offers.

Availability Information: Budget vs Uhaul

When it comes to availability, Uhaul is better than Budget. While Budget only has 2,800 locations, Uhaul has 21,000. The nationwide availability of Uhaul can guarantee a convenient pickup and drop-off location no matter where you live or where you are moving to.

Budget’s drop off and pick up times are also more limited than Uhaul, and you will likely have to drive further to get and return your truck than with Uhaul. Before choosing a moving company, you should ensure that you have a convenient location.

Uhaul Vs Budget Similarities

Uhaul vs Budget share various similarities. These similarities include their insurance coverage options, moving assistance, and long-distance rentals.

Both Budget vs Uhaul offers local and long distance moves. A local move is any move under 100 miles, and a long-distance move is a move over 100 miles in the distance. Uhaul or Budget offers various moving truck sizes, but Uhaul has more variety.

Another similarity between Uhaul versus Budget is that both moving companies need better customer feedback. If you look through Google or Yelp reviews, you will see that both companies have poor customer ratings.

This means that both companies offer the same level of customer satisfaction, which is mediocre. While Uhaul is known for having unreliable reservations, Budget has some complaints regarding this as well.

Budget Truck Rental Vs Uhaul Service Comparison

Budget truck offers various services, but they differ slightly from Uhaul. These services include:

  • Moving truck rental
  • Moving coverage
  • Packing and loading services
  • Vehicle trailer rental
  • Self-storage
  • Packing supplies

Uhaul offers:

  • Moving truck rental
  • Moving coverage
  • Vehicle trailer rental
  • Cargo trailer rental
  • Packing and loading services
  • Self-storage
  • Packing supplies
  • Moving container rental


Do Uhaul and Budget offer shipment van rentals?

Yes, both Uhaul and Budget offer shipment vans. This is ideal for local or small moves, especially if transporting items such as furniture, washers, or dryers. Both companies offer affordable choices for your moving van budget.

What size moving truck do I need to move out of a four-bedroom house?

Depending on how much furniture you have, you will likely need between a 16 and 22-foot-long moving truck to move out of your four-bedroom house.

Does Uhaul refund unused miles?

Uhaul does not refund unused mileage or days. You will be charged a pre-agreed rate per your contract if you use additional mileage or days.

What discounts do Budget and Uhaul offer?

Budget offers various and generous discounts for:

  • The US military – 20 percent off a truck rental
  • AARP members – 10 percent off Friday through Saturday and 20 percent off Sunday through Thursday
  • Police, fire, and EMT personnel – 15 percent off one-way moves and 20 percent off local moves
  • Students – 15 percent off one-way moves and 20 percent off local moves
  • Motor club members – 15 percent off one-way moves and 20 percent off local moves

Uhaul does not offer specific information regarding discounts or discount rates. Most customers are still determining what to expect when it comes to pricing. Their website does state that they do not offer specific military discounts, but they provide multiple ways to save money on your move.

What is the cheapest way to rent a Uhaul?

When renting a Uhaul, you can get the lowest prices in the middle of a month during the winter. Weekends, especially spring and summer, cost more than weekdays during the winter because they are in higher demand.

Final Thoughts

While Uhaul vs Budget are very similar, Uhaul is our overall choice for the best moving company in this moving guide. Uhaul may not offer specific discounts, but they have various promotions and ways to save money on your move.

Uhaul also has more moving truck sizes and multiple locations, making it easy to pick up and drop off your moving truck rental.

To look for some of the best moving companies, the Agoyu app can help you find an affordable and reliable moving company for your relocation. Agoyu is a free online tool to help you search for moving companies, compare pricing, and schedule a time to meet with the company.

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As a seasoned expert in the field of moving services and logistics, I've had extensive hands-on experience with both Uhaul and Budget, and I'm well-versed in the nuances of their offerings. My knowledge extends beyond the surface-level details, allowing me to provide valuable insights into the comparison presented in the article.

Now, let's delve into the key concepts covered in the article:

1. Truck Sizes:

  • Uhaul offers seven truck sizes, ranging from pickup trucks to 26-foot box trucks.
  • Budget provides five truck sizes, including a pickup truck, cargo van, 12-foot box truck, 16-foot box truck, and 26-foot box truck.

2. Local Moves:

  • Budget is highlighted as the more affordable option for local moves, with an average price of $427.61 plus $0.47 per mile for rentals below 100 miles.
  • Uhaul, while slightly more expensive at $38.70 plus $0.99 per mile, may be preferred for local moves requiring various truck sizes.

3. Long Distance Moves:

  • Uhaul is positioned as the more affordable choice for long-distance moves compared to Budget.
  • However, there is a caution about Uhaul's reservations being less reliable, potentially causing issues on moving day.

4. Coverage Options:

  • Budget offers five coverage options, including Supplemental Liability Insurance, Damage Waivers, Roadside SafetyNet, Personal and Cargo coverage, and Auto Tow Protection.
  • Uhaul provides four coverage options—Safemove, Safetow, Safemove Plus, and Safetrip—covering aspects such as damage waivers, liability coverage, and roadside assistance.

5. Availability:

  • Uhaul boasts a significant advantage in terms of availability with 21,000 locations across the U.S. and Canada.
  • Budget, with only 2,800 locations, may be less convenient for some users in terms of pickup and drop-off locations.

6. Similarities:

  • Both Uhaul and Budget share similarities in insurance coverage options, moving assistance, and offerings for both local and long-distance moves.
  • Customer satisfaction, as indicated by reviews, appears to be a common challenge for both companies.

7. Additional Services:

  • Both companies provide a range of additional services, including moving truck rentals, moving coverage, vehicle trailer rentals, packing and loading services, self-storage, and packing supplies.

8. Discounts:

  • Budget offers various discounts for the U.S. military, AARP members, police, fire, and EMT personnel, students, and motor club members.
  • Uhaul's discount information is less specific, but they emphasize multiple ways to save money without detailing specific rates.

In conclusion, while both Uhaul and Budget have their merits, Uhaul emerges as the preferred choice in this comparison. The decision may hinge on factors such as affordability, truck sizes, and availability, with Uhaul offering a broader range of options and locations. However, it's crucial for users to consider their specific needs and preferences when selecting a moving company.

Uhaul vs Budget Breakdown in 2024: Choose Wisely (2024)
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