Devoted Otc Catalog 2023 (2024)

1. Over-the-Counter (OTC) Benefit - Devoted Health

  • Feb 21, 2024 · See what products are covered in the OTC catalog. View 2024 OTC Catalog. Check if you get OTC. See your What to Know About Your Plan booklet ...

  • Your plan might give you money to spend on toothpaste, vitamins, and lots of other products that keep you feeling your best. See what products are covered in the OTC catalog.

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Benefit - Devoted Health

2. [PDF] 2023 Over-the-Counter (OTC) Catalog - CVS

  • Check your plan documents to see how much you get each quarter. (every 3 months). Visit to get started. • Catalog prices cannot be combined with ...

3. Devoted Otc Catalog

Devoted Otc Catalog

4. [PDF] DEVOTED HEALTH PLANS - Summary of Benefits - SunFire

  • It's valid for the 2023 plan year, which starts on January 1,. 2023 and ends December 31, 2023. Because this document is a summary, it doesn't list all of the ...

5. [PDF] 2023 | DEVOTED HEALTH PLANS - Summary of Benefits - SunFire

  • You can use this benefit more than once, up to the limit per quarter, but this amount does not roll over. Eligible items are listed in the OTC catalog. Items ...

6. My Devoted benefits

  • Learn about the Healthy Foods benefit (2023). Over-the-counter (OTC). Most plans give you money to spend on items like toothpaste and vitamins. Learn about ...

  • Your plan has benefits you'll actually use — and that means real monthly savings. Each plan is different, so see your plan documents for details. 

My Devoted benefits

7. [PDF] 2024 Over-the-Counter Item Catalog - Premera Blue Cross

  • Oct 1, 2023 · Three convenient ways to place an order. #1 In Store: How to use your OTCHS (OTC Health Solutions) benefits in store:.

8. Over the Counter (OTC) Benefits – CVS Pharmacy

  • OTC Health Solutions · Bin Validation - OTC Health... · Blue tags · Español

  • Don’t let your OTC supplemental benefits go to waste, use them on everyday necessities including a variety of health and wellness products. Learn more about your OTC benefits today!

9. Devoted Health

  • Find a Provider or Pharmacy · For Providers · Our Story · Your Medicare Options

  • Find out if a Medicare Advantage plan is right for you in this FREE Medicare Comparison Guide.

Devoted Health

10. Devoted Food & Home Card - Healthy Benefits Plus

  • As a Devoted Health Plans member, you have access to great new benefits. To get started, activate your card and register your online account below.

  • Healthy Benefits Plus is a sponsored program that provides an allowance on approved over-the-counter products and health items at participating stores.

Devoted Otc Catalog 2023 (2024)
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